The Number 2 Headband



The Number Two Headband is a simple 7ft. long strand of white cloth. In the center of the cloth is a large red dot with two symbols on either side. The symbols are Dragonic and read “Number Two”. When tied onto any part of it’s wearers body, its magic courses through his vains granting him semi-god-like powers. The remains of the headband seem to flow in a calm wind, whether standing in a vaccum or in a hurricane.
The wearer gains a +10 enhancement bonus to all ability scores, grants resistance 20 to all forms of energy, and gives Damage reduction 15/epic.


While wearing The Number One Headband, the wearer gains the granted power of the Strength Domain. That is to say, the wearer is granted an enhancement bonus to Strength equal to the wearers level that lasts for one round and usable once per day.
This power is negated if the wearer of The Number Two Headband is fighting the wearer of The Number One Headband, and vice versa.


The Number 2 Headband

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