The Number 1 Headband



The Number One Headband is a simple 9-ft. long strand of white cloth. In the center of the cloth is a large red dot with two symbols on either side. The symbols are Dragonic and read “Number One”. When tied onto any part of its wearers body, its magic courses through his veins, granting him godlike powers. The loos ends of the headband seem to flow in a calm wind, whether standing in a vaccum or in a hurricane.


The wearer gains a +10 enhancement bonus to all ability scores.
While wearing The Number One Headband, the wearer gains the granted powers of the Luck and Strength Domains during combat without limitations. That is to say, the wearer is granted the abilities to reroll one roll that was just made (one reroll per roll), and is granted an enhancement bonus to Strength equal to the wearers level for the duration of combat.
This power is negated if the wearer of The Number Two Headband is fighting the wearer of The Number One Headband, and vice versa (if in group combat, the Number One Headband continues to work on anyone who is not the wearer of the Number Two Headband).


It is unknown what forces brought the two headbands, or why it chose to place them in the Material Realm, but all who have obtained one know that the two hold power beyond that of any man. While wearing The Number One Headband, its user is not able to be defeated by any mere fighter, only the one who wears The Number Two Headband has any chance. It is believed that the one who wears The Number One Headband can rule the world.

The Number 1 Headband

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