Creator of Life, The Multiverse and Everything



Symbol: quill and parchment
Home Plane: The Crossroads/Halls of Gygax
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: sages, heroes, and adventurers alike
Clergy Alignments: any good
Domains: knowledge, magic, good, adventure, creation
Favored Weapon: a longsword aptly called “Greyhawk”


Gygax inspires his followers to seek out new worlds and the thrill of adventures. To be kind to the helpless, and to enjoy the world(s) in which we all live.

Temples and Clergy

Clerics of Gygax keep maps of various dungeons which they keep at their temples, which are more like libraries of vast and ancient information. Clerics of Gygax are often called “Dungeon Masters,” and are as skilled with cartography, geology, and alchemy. They live for adventure.

Gygax is the creator of all things that exist, the planes and even the gods themselves. Out of boredom he used his quill and parchment, and from it the multiverse was formed. He did this so he could have somewhere to go and adventure. He lives in a magical worn shack at the Crossroads, at the intersection of all planes. The door is always open to fellow adventurers. Curiously, he always seems to be out on an adventure. They say that he can take any shape and speak any language, and that he knows the secret of all things. It always pays to help an injured or helpless traveler, it just might be the legendary Gygax in disguise.


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